People who dance often are likely to have higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life.


Cherry Dance offers invigorating group classes for couples which focuses on Ballroom and Latin American dances such as:

Boogie, Cha cha, Rumba, Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, Mambo and Jive.

Our dances range from fun and light hearted to romantic and passionate... it ebbs and flows just as any relationship does. These dances are an incredibly effective way to connect with your partner. Let rhythm find your balance and get lost in the moment together. Let dance enhance your romance. It’s a great start to any date night, or works as an exciting escape from your normal routine. Bring your partner and let your body do the talking!


Held every Tuesday at the awesome Copperlake Brewing Co in Broadacres. Open classes for singles or couples - these classes are vibey, friendly and very relaxed! We focus on the fun and sexy dance styles of Latin and Ballroom as well as some Line Dancing. We cover anything from Salsa to Mambo, from Cha Cha, to Merengue, Samba, Western Swing and Boogie. These classes are a great way to let go and get sexy. 18h30 for 19h00 until 20h30. R150 (includes a drink!). 

We recommend that you come dressed smart casual and ready to move those hips! Wear shoes that don’t stick and ladies, preferably heels with ankle strap.


Cherry Dance comes to your company/ venue to teach a group class to your employees. No partners required but you will need a fairly even male:female ratio. The men stand on one side and learn their steps and the women stand opposite them and learn theirs. Once everyone has an idea of what is required of them they are told to grab a partner and put those moves to practice. We keep building up the steps and changing partners throughout this session until everyone is happy, comfortable and confident on the dance floor and in the company of each other. These sessions are very successful “ice-breakers” and a good way to kick-off an evening or weekend.


Line dancing is a great, fun way to get your feet moving, even without a partner. With its origins in good old country music, Line Dancing involves a set choreographed steps in a specified pattern, danced to some really funky tunes. It is a great way to increase your dance abilities in regards to picking up different dance steps and moves as well as working inside and outside of a rhythm. More than that, it is also hoots of fun!

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing you can move in like jeans and t- shirt. Wear shoes that do not stick. You would want to move as freely as possible because there’s a lot of twists and turns. You’ll be dancing to an array of wonderful tracks such as Bootscoopin Boogie, Cotton Eye Joe, Honey I’m Good, Achy Breaky Heart, Footloose, Samba Line Dance, Mambo Line Dance and many many more!

So get your cowboy boots and get yourself moving and grooving!


At the Cherry Dance Studios - for those who want lessons weekly to learn how to dance, look amazing and have confidence on the dance floor wherever they go. 


At the Cherry Dance Studios - Weekly.


Packages available apon request for couples wanting to learn a few steps for their first dance at their wedding.



What our Clients say...

Mandy’s style of teaching strikes a great balance between strict focus on steps and technique, and having a fun experience. No matter how difficult a step may seem, you will find your feet eventually obeying Mandy’s instruction and will have had a good laugh in the process. Mandy is also very open to ideas from students and will choreograph something specifically for you, which to me is a genuinely special Cherry Dance touch.

Hannes Jooste - October 2016

Four years ago I had no idea how to dance or what I was in for when I signed up for Mandy’s class.  As soon as I started I loved how fun and easy it really was - not to say that dancing is easy, but Mandy made it so simple and enjoyable. It wasn’t just the type of the dance or the specific steps she was teaching, it was the way Mandy made you feel about dancing and about yourself...

Michael Mayrhofer - November 2014